Highlights Managing Today's Complex HIV Patient 2019

Managing Today's Complex HIV Patient 2019 - HIGHLIGHT 3 | David Hardy

HIGHLIGHT 3. David Hardy - Managing the complex patient with multiple co-morbidities.

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INTRODUCTION - Jonathan Schapiro, Program Director
HIGHLIGHT 1. Michael Kozal – How to identity the complex HIV patient & approach to treatment.

HIGHLIGHT 2. Daniel Kuritzkes - Drug options for the complex HIV patient: what are they and how best to use them?


Michael Kozal, MD
Yale University, United States

Daniel Kuritzkes, MD
Harvard Medical School, United States

David Hardy, MD, AAHIVS
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, United States

The global epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) virus infections continues to present a significant health burden with approximately 1 million HIV patients in the US. Despite improved antiretroviral regimens, emergence of resistance in patients taking first line regimens occurs frequently. Such patients rely upon second and later line therapeutics. Presently there are limited options for complex patients that have multiple treatment failures and resistance.

Renewed attention to an increasing number of HIV patients with limited treatment options, the so-called complex HIV patient can be given, due to impressive data emerging from advanced stage clinical trials with new agents.
This brings an educational need for health care professionals managing these patients in terms of adherence, resistance, ageing, comorbidities & polypharmacy, as well as in updating their knowledge and expertise on existing and new antiretroviral therapeutics for optimizing treatment of these complex HIV patients.

After participating in the full program ( three modules ), you will have:
• Improved knowledge of the definition on complex patients and the challenges of their care
• Acquired understanding on how best to identify the complex HIV patient in your clinical practice
• Greater understanding of the new treatment options available for these patients
• Learned how best to integrate these new drugs in to optimal combination regimens
• Improved skills on managing drug-drug interactions and toxicities in these complex patients

Despite improved antiretroviral regimens in HIV treatment, virological failure and emergence of drug resistance is still a problem worldwide. This includes both patients recently infected as well as those veterans of older regimens: in the USA, the overall viral suppression among PLWHIV is 55% and adherence is often sub optimal.
Ultimately, this leads to an increasing number of HIV patients with limited treatment options who require greater knowledge and understanding to manage in terms of adherence, resistance, ageing, comorbidities and polypharmacy – they are complex HIV patients. This highlights program aims to help healthcare professionals identify and manage the complex HIV patient, as well as providing education on new antiretroviral drugs for optimizing treatment of complex HIV patients.

The full activity consists of three highlight videos and will take roughly 1 hour to complete.
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